Ramada Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield

Terms & Conditions

General Booking Terms

Guest check-in: Check in is from 2pm Monday-Sunday. Please note that check-in will not be permitted without a valid credit card or debit card and photographic identification. On arrival all guests will be required to provide a valid credit card or debit card to guarantee room payment (if not prepaid) as well as extras, food & beverage spend etc. This card will be pre-authorised for a charge of £30 per room per night, plus the value of any outstanding accommodation for the duration of your visit. Please note although the card is not fully charged at this stage the authorised monies will be held against the likely purchase. The final form of payment for extras/incidentals may be changed on departure if you wish, however it should be noted that if you fail to complete your transaction at the point of departure with the same card utilised at check in, it may take up to 20 days for the monies to be released back to your account. Personal credit limits are the responsibility of the credit card holder and we do not take responsibility for any charges incurred as a result of any breach in these limits regardless of the length of time charges are held. If the guest wishes to pay by cash, full payment will be taken upon arrival along with a £50 security deposit and a copy of photographic identification. Upon departure the bedroom(s) will be inspected before the return of the security deposit, if there is found to be any damage and/or removal of goods this deposit will be retained to cover the costs.

‘Pre-Paid’ Third party bookings will require a minimum 1p pre-authorisation taken at the time of check-in on a valid credit or debit card, guests unable to provide this pre-authorisation will not be permitted to continue with their reservation.

Reservations made on a ‘Fully-Flexible’ basis will be subject to a full pre-authorisation that will be taken at 2pm on the day of arrival. Guest cards that are not authorised may be subject to be cancelled.

Check-out: All guests must have vacated rooms on day of departure prior to 11am Monday-Saturday & 12pm Sunday. Late check-out is strictly subject to availability at a rate of £15 per hour-guests wishing to check-out after 5pm will be required to purchase accommodation for the following night.

Bedroom Key Cards: It is politely requested that all bedroom key cards are returned to reception upon departure. Failure to do so may result in an incidental £5.00 charge to cover the replacement of the keys.

Damages/Removal of Goods: We reserve the right to invoice our guests for damage or negligent soiling caused to any parts of our premises; accidental or otherwise. Failing to tell us about damage to our property may result in higher-than-expected maintenance or cleaning charges due to delayed intervention. We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of replacing any items that are removed from the premises by them without consent. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing item, including any carriage charges. Should the fact that the item is missing come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right to make a charge to the guests credit / debit card, or send an invoice for the amount to the registered address.

Lost Property: Should any guest lose any belongings during their stay or incur damage to their property, the provision of the Hotel Proprietors Act 1956 will apply, a copy of which is displayed in reception. If we find any lost property, we will make every reasonable effort to locate the owner and return it, but if we cannot locate the owner and an item is not reclaimed with 3 months of the guest’s departure it will be disposed of by the hotel.

Booking cancellation: Dependent upon specific booking terms & conditions, cancellation charges may apply. Most publicly available rates will either allow a 4pm day prior to arrival cancellation which allows penalty free cancellation until 4pm on the day prior to arrival. Or a full pre-payment rate, cancellation of accommodation on this pre-payment rate will incur a 100% cancellation fee which is non-refundable. The relevant cancellation policy will be outlined in the rate information or fully explained at the time of booking, it is the bookers responsibility to ensure they confirm with the best suited policy. [The above does not relate to locally, nationally or internationally negotiated corporate rates, cancellation terms will be outlined in these contracts]

Resident’s Bar/Room Service: The hotel bar is open to non-residents of the hotel until 2am, after this point only room charge will be accepted as payment method. Once the hotel bar is closed guests are permitted to order an appropriate number of drinks to room occupants to their bedroom. This is to the discretion of the Guest Care Manager/Night Team, who reserve the right to refuse the service of alcohol due to intoxication and behaviour.

Guest Conduct: Ramada Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield prides itself on providing a safe and enjoyable environment for both guests and staff alike, we reserve the right to ask any guest that threatens this to leave the premises. Reasons for eviction from the premises include drunken behavior, unreasonable demands, foul language, racist comments, suspected theft from the property or other guests, trespass, avoidance of agreed charges and suspected use of illegal substances – although this list is not exhaustive. All of our public areas are covered by CCTV and a 24-hour Guest Care Management Team. Any charges inured at the point of eviction will be debited via the payment method provided at arrival. Any damage caused to hotel property will be invoiced to the individual/company guaranteeing bedroom/conference/event space. Guests wishing to lodge a formal complaint should do so while at the hotel with the Guest Care Manager, complaints made post departure are likely not be treated with the same level of urgency. Guests wishing to publish complaints via social media platforms before notifying the hotel’s Guest Care Management team will void requests for reimbursement for not allowing the hotel to rectify in the first instance.

Hotel Events: Here at Ramada Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield we are proud to play host to a number of events throughout the year, from weddings to proms through to funerals & christenings. We endeavour to ensure that all guests stays are as relaxing and enjoyable as possible however on certain nights a low level of music may be audible in guest rooms until the event end time, this can be confirmed with reception upon request and where possible a room move may be organised if disturbed, subject to availability.

Smoking: All 170 bedrooms and public areas are strictly non-smoking, any guest found to be smoking inside these areas will be invoiced a cleaning charge of £250. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside of the hotel building.

Wake Up Calls: Wake up call are offered subject to availability. Please note that this is a courtesy/complimentary service only and Sutton Coldfield Hotel Limited/Ramada Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield accepts no liability for any claims arising from failure to make a Wake Up Call or any late Wake Up Call, whether made through reception or on your TV. Sutton Coldfield Hotel Limited recommends that you also set your own alarm to be certain of meeting your deadline.

Social Media Promotions

All bookings are to be booked at least 24 hours in advance and made via the reservations team on 0121 351 3111, of which all are pre-payable at the time of booking. All prices are based on 2 sharing and are subject to availability.


Terms and Conditions 1. Provisional bookings will be held for 10 days. The hotel reserves the right to cancel a provisional booking if a deposit is not paid within this time. 2. A £20 per person deposit is required to guarantee places on our Dorchester Party night, Club Room party nights and Christmas day events. Final Payment is required 6 weeks prior to arrival. 3. A £50.00 per person deposit is required to secure a reservation for our New Yeats Eve events. Final payment is then required 6 weeks prior to arrival. 3. Full pre-payment is required at booking stage for our save on party nights, festive carvery, festive afternoon tea and Children’s Christmas party. 4. Cancellation of a party or individual guests, including cancellation due to adverse weather conditions will result in payment being forfeited as all payments made on non-refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation. 5. All bookings are subject to availability. 6. The hotel will endeavour to sit groups on individual private tables where possible, however we reserve the right to place separate groups together on shared tables. We cannot accept individual table plans. This is the case for all events with the exception of Christmas day. 7. Table location requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. 8. We reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time should the hotel or any parts of the hotel become unavailable due to events out of our control, or should you or we become insolvent. 9. In the event of insufficient number of attendees being met for a shared party night we reserve the right to cancel the event. 10. The hotel operates a strict over 18’s drinking policy. Photo ID may be asked before alcohol can be purchased on the night. 11. Drinks packages can be pre ordered at the advertised discounted rate up to 5 days to you event. Any orders placed after this time will be charged at full price. 12. In the event of a private party bookings standard event terms and conditions apply. Our events team will confirm these terms at booking stage. 13. Guests are not permitted to consume their own alcohol on the premises. The hotel operates a bag search policy: Any alcohol found will be confiscated and returned at the end of the evening. 14. Should any damage occur to the hotel or its property then a charge will be imposed to cover the cost of such damage.

All of the above terms & conditions form part of the overall company policy, these terms have been implemented by the hotel ownership and are not to the discretion of the property management team. If you are unable to agree to any or all of the above terms your booking may be cancelled.